Wednesday, 15 February 2012

New report predicts that Android will dominate in Africa

New report from In-Stat predicts that Android will gain 80% market share in Africa: “The Android OS has taken the smartphone world by storm. In just two years, Android has become the top smartphone OS worldwide.” The Handsets making headway in Europe and US is however not the same as the devices being popular in the developing world: ‘the Android handsets that are selling well in the US and Europe are not the same low-cost Android handsets selling elsewhere in the world. New In-Stat ( research forecasts that low-cost Android handsets will reach a penetration rate of 80% of total smartphones in Africa, India, and China by 2015.

The low-cost Android smartphone segment is comprised primarily of smartphones released with Android 2.2 or 2.3, since these versions are a good blend of features with modest memory and processor usage. The low-end low-cost smartphones generally stick with EDGE and processors running at 600MHz or lower, because a single-core EDGE chip sells for well under $10. For our purposes, low-cost means smartphones that are $150 or less”

I personally think that In-stat underestimate Africans willingness to invest in quality mobile devices. For most people here a smartphone or tablet fulfill a lot of different needs.

In Europe or US  it is a gimmick that a phone have radio or a torch but in Africa these functions are in demand. And it doesn’t stop there a smartphone in Africa is:

  • Your Internet Browser
  • Your email device
  • Your Bank Branch
  • Your MP3 Player
  • Your Watch
  • Your Calendar
And not to forget it is also a way to show your standing in the world.

Soon it will also be your TV and you DVD so don’t tell me that we are not willing to pay a little extra to get the latest technology.

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