Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Android is dominating in the Toilets

Here’s another funny survey: 87% of Android users admitted to using their device while on the toilet.

11mark surveyed 1000 Americans and discovered neither men nor women are going to the bathroom empty-handed. They found out that 74% of men and 76% of women use their mobile phones in the bathroom. Out of this number, 63% of people take calls and 41% initiated a call. Moreover, 67% read text messages while 38% surf the internet.

Surprisingly, men are the ones who are more attached to their smartphones compared to women. 30% of men said “I don’t go to the bathroom without my mobile phone,” only 20% of women answered yes to this. 20% of men also work from their bathroom cubicle; while only 13% of women do this.

On the subject of which smartphone people use on the toilet, 87% of respondents use their Android device, while 84% and 77% were BlackBerry and iPhone users, respectively. Compared to BlackBerry users (who answered phone calls), Android and iPhone users were most likely using a social network or an app on the toilet.

“The writing is on the stall,” says 11mark’s Nicole Burdette “This study confirms what we all know – that the last private place is no longer private. And, that the ‘mobile-everywhere’ phenomenon is flushing out a host of new opportunities for savvy communicators.”

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