Wednesday, 25 April 2012

A free Lunch from Google

I love everything free so I was exited when Google introduced Google Drive with 5GB free storage.

But to be honest Google are a little late to the party. Dropbox is the golden standard for Cloud Storage and Apple and MicroSoft has already launched their services.

So how is Google doing? Tech Guardian had a nice comparison of the different options out there:

ServiceFree storageCost for 25GBCost for 50GB
Apple iCloud5GB$3.33$8.33
Google Drive5GB$2.49$4.99 (100GB)
Microsoft SkyDrive7GB$0.83 (27GB)$2.08 (52GB)

And now platform support:

WebAndroidBlack berryiOSLinuxMacWindowsWindows Phone
Apple iCloudXXXLimitedX
Google DriveXXX
Microsoft SkyDriveXXX

Dropbox still supports most platforms but Google is close and with the integration with Google Docs I would bet that Google will be the winner in this space.